Seagate Exos E 5U84 84x Bay JBOD

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84 Bay SAS to 3.5′ SAS, 5U Rackmount SBB 2.0 EBOD/JBOD system

  • Dual I/O modules
  • 3-12 GB x 4 SAS External Connections per Module
  • Dual High-Efficiency 2.2kW Power Supplies
  • 5 Fan Cooling Modules
  • Shelf Mounted

DDIC FRU 3.5″ 7.2K 12G SAS HDD – 18TB EXOS X18 512e/4KN ST18000NM004J

Power Cords and License for Standard Genesis Enclosure Management (GEM 5.x)

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Seagate Exos E 5U84 84x Bay JBOD


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